Set of 3 Flowering Tea

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Set of 3 Flowering Tea

Make tea time your time with the meditative ritual of flowering tea. 
Flowering tea, or blooming tea, is made by wrapping tea leaves around dried flowers. When steeped, each bulb unfurls into a beautiful flower. Our delicate blooms unveil decadent dessert flavors.  
This set contains one tin (eight bulbs) of each flavor: 
Creme Brulee 
Lightly caramelized sugar and vanilla combine for a warming classic dessert experience right in your mug. 
Candied Apple 
Crisp apple, vivid cinnamon spice and lightly caramelized sweetness evoke autumn and fall festivals. 
Lavender Sorbet 
A hint of creaminess provides a luscious backdrop for lavender’s bright and unique floral tones. 
To prepare, gently place one tea bulb in a teapot or mug of just under boiling water. Steep until the leaves completely open (3-5 min) and enjoy. For the most pure experience, use filtered water and a transparent pot or mug. Blooms can be re-steeped 2-3 times. No tea bag or infuser necessary!
Green tea is also a known source of antioxidants and may help relieve stress. Combined with the gentle blooming motion of each bulb, every time you steep becomes time for yourself.
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