Welcome to She Shack Essentials!

Every girl needs a place where she can get away and relax.  At She Shack Essentials we have exactly what you need to create your happy place. We have something for everyone.  Perhaps you are looking for trendy Décor, like our Rugs, Decorative Vases and Bowls  , and Wall Hangings to decorate and personalize your space.  For the ladies that like to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day, browse our Wine Accessories and other Entertainment products! Lets not forget about what every girl has in common, the need for Relaxation, we are all so busy, we just need a little help recharging for our busy schedules ahead.  Take a look at our Candles , Essentials Oils, and Aroma Jewerly, all are certain to help refresh.  

We are always adding to our awesome products and love hearing from our fantastic customers! Feel free to visit our contact us page listed at the bottom.  We love taking suggestions, hearing about how much you loved your items and how you used them to create your happy place , and just simply saying hi and getting to know our lovely ladies out there!